So…WHO Do I Bless?

Good SamaritanMost Christians know they should be ‘blessing’ others. The problem can be who -there are so many! We can be barraged with appeals, through media and elsewhere. The same Bible that tells us to be generous also gives us guidance in this area.

Who is (literally) in front of you?
After Jesus reaffirmed the importance of ‘loving your neighbor to a ‘lawyer’ (religious expert), the lawyer questioned Jesus – “Who is my neighbor?” (Luke 10:25-37). The text indicated the lawyer was wanting to justify his level of non involvement. I mean, you can’t help everybody (true). Jesus’ answer is what is called The Parable of the Good Samaritan. There we see, again, religious experts literally walking around a traveller in trouble (he had been beaten up). Its not that they didn’t care – it just wasn’t something they had planned on. Their service to God was carefully segmented – God’s time, and their time. This was their time. The Samaritan (looked down on by the Jews) came upon the person in need, and reoriented his life to help the person at whatever level they needed. It was ‘inconvenient’ love and generosity, because we cannot always schedule the needs of others. We don’t have to look far – who is in front of you?

Who responds?
Earlier in Luke 10 (v. 1-16) Jesus sends out His followers into the places “He was going to go” (v.1). In other words, we come before He comes. As they receive us, they receive Him (v. 16, Matt. 10:40). Our generosity will make the most difference when it’s given to those to whom God has given us favor. It’s not hard to discern or observe if someone is ‘receiving us’ or not. It’s expressions, body language, openness. Those are the doors we step through. We don’t’ need to force them, nor should we. We are able to give the words of life and bring His healing to those with whom we find favor. Step through those doors of opportunity and watch God bless others and work through you.