Another Mass Shooting?!

ShootingYesterday, another horrible mass shooting, this time in Oregon. 10 dead, 7 wounded at a community college, some of our more innocent victims.

Within hours, the pundits gather to “interpret”:

Democrats call for stiffer gun laws, though they won’t specify what laws they would pass. Democrats and liberals as a whole operate from a very flawed view of human nature, that is, if guns are outlawed then outlaws will behave. I know when the church shooting in Charleston, SC happened, and 9 members were killed, that it wouldn’t have happened here. The shooter would have been taken out by a number of security people in our church who are ‘carrying’ as soon as the shooting started.

Conservatives push back, saying (correctly) that stiffer laws won’t prevent these kinds of events. They say we don’t know why these evil kinds of events happen. Bad people are out there, and the mentally disturbed as well.

But… I’ve been alive for 6 decades, and these kinds of things did NOT happen for most of those years. What is NOT in dispute is that our culture has rapidly moved away from our Judeo Christian heritage and values during that time, and people did not act out is such a barbaric fashion. Accountability to a transcendent Authority and to God Himself were restraining factors to such behavior. Very few people acted out their rage or depression in such a way. If, as secularists say, we are evolving from animals, rather than created in the image of God as the Bible says, why is it getting worse instead of better? If we are created in God’s image, and need Gods’ laws and grace to restrain and change our behavior, as the Bible says, then a move away from those standards would cause a deterioration in our culture, as we see today. It’s sad that the average person easily sees what the pundits and the ‘experts’ can’t.