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Why I’m glad Great Britain exited the European Union

Yesterday Great Britain, in historic voter turnout numbers, voted to leave the European Union.   Politicians and economic markets were anxiously awaiting the outcome, predicting Britain would remain, and telling the rest of us that remaining was clearly the right thing to do. The experts were surprised. The markets immediately fell steeply, and although I’m not an economics(…)

So…WHO Do I Bless?

Most Christians know they should be ‘blessing’ others. The problem can be who -there are so many! We can be barraged with appeals, through media and elsewhere. The same Bible that tells us to be generous also gives us guidance in this area. Who is (literally) in front of you? After Jesus reaffirmed the importance(…)

Another Mass Shooting?!

Yesterday, another horrible mass shooting, this time in Oregon. 10 dead, 7 wounded at a community college, some of our more innocent victims. Within hours, the pundits gather to “interpret”: Democrats call for stiffer gun laws, though they won’t specify what laws they would pass. Democrats and liberals as a whole operate from a very(…)

Jesus & Coffee in the Morning

Jesus & Coffee in the Morning

Of all the spiritual disciplines, there can be none more important than the practice of a daily time of prayer. It seems to have the power like nothing else to keep believers close to God and strong in faith. I can not think of another spiritual discipline that has yielded more results in my life(…)

Why I’m Not A Calvinist

Why I’m Not A Calvinist

Why I’m writing this As Calvinism now seems to be all the rage in certain circles of the church, a number of people have come recently to me with questions on it, as they have not embraced this theology (view of God and His plan).   One of my issues with this doctrine is that it(…)


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